Wise Lite

Wise Lite is the most extended version of WISE due to its scalability enabling multiple control points in a wide range of radio transmission without the need for cables.

It’s available for all types of crops, and consists of a central receiver which can be shared by several farmers who only purchase the control stations they need or desire.

All WISE systems include soil analysis and the training process by our technical team.

Control Points

Several types of control are avaliables for Wise Lite:

  • Water tension/moisture in soil
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Environmental Temperature & Humidity and VPD (vapor pressure deficit) calculation
  • Nitrates and Potassium
  • Dendrometer (Measuring the tree´s perimeter)
  • Soil moisture, bulk EC and soil temperature
  • Solar radiation
  • Measuring CO2
  • Micro climate control

Additional Services

  • Additional soil surveys with the respective water retention curve
  • On line monitoring aimed at the correct implementation of the Wise model
  • Hydraulic auditing aimed to detect anomalies in the water distribution, aimed to achieve an efficient watering.
  • Implementation of a maintenance protocol aimed to extend the drippers life expectancy
  • Implementation of advanced algorithms aimed to enable a more efficient decision process
  • Direct activation of the irrigation controller, based on multidimensional conditions.
  • Water foot Print calculation

Wise Sentinel